2017-2018 Special Session

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Action Alerts

Call your state legislator today to stop 6 percent rate cut (12-19-17)
Last chance to pass revenue package to stop 9 percent cut! (11-7-17)
Call for Special Session (8/10/17)
Special Session Act Now HB1099x (9/26/17)
Need Bipartisan Solution to State Health Care Crisis (9/22/17)

Press Releases

ACS CAN Oklahoma Opposes 75-cent Cigarette Tax Increase Proposal (2-16-18)
OHA Statement 2-15-18: OHA opposes lower cigarette tax increase benefiting Big Tobacco (2/15/18)
Health Care Providers Ask OCHA Board to Reject Medicaid Cuts
Oklahoma Hospital and Nursing Home Associations Release Joint Statement Supporting Bipartisan Budget Plan
Statewide Campaign Asks Legislators Who They Really Support: Big Tobacco or Oklahoma? (10-24-17)
ODMHSAS Announces Plans to Eliminate Outpatient Services Statewide if Fix Is Not Found for Budget Needs
Medicaid Cuts Threaten Health Care Crisis, Imminent Closures
Health Care Groups & Caregivers Call for Bipartisan Action to Save Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Services


Participate in the grassroots campaign... postcard blitz of legislators' offices. Click here to download postcard artwork sheet one. Click here to download postcard artwork sheet two. Click here for instructions.

Other Resources

House votes on HB1054 (11/8/17)
Hospital association president: Oklahoma lawmakers shouldn't let Big Tobacco win
TSET director: Our motives are to improve the health of Oklahoma (10/20/17)
Oklahoma Soonercare (OHCA) Budget Cut Timeline