2017 OHA Spirit of Resilience Award

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The Oklahoma Hospital Association Spirit Award is given annually to exceptional individuals in the hospital community whose exemplary leadership and dedication have significantly enhanced patient care, their organizations and/or their communities. Each year, a different theme is emphasized. For 2017, the theme is the Spirit of Resilience.

The health care industry continues to face times of change and uncertainty, placing new demands on hospital team members to react with renewed determination. When people deal positively with difficult events that change their lives, we often refer to them as “resilient.” Many people react to such circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Others demonstrate strength and toughness in the face of great challenges and adversity.

These challenges can occur on the job through an elimination of a service or department, an unexpected clinical outcome, a dramatic change in position, reduced funding for providing the same level of care, an unexpected natural disaster affecting the entire community, changes in regulations that require new processes, or a change in the mission focus of an organization. However, even in the face of such challenges, people “rise to the occasion.”

We invite each OHA member hospital to select one recipient from their organization to receive the 2017 Spirit of Resilience Award.

Spirit of Resilience Award Criteria

Each hospital is asked to put forth the name of one individual for this award. This person should be someone who has exemplified the Spirit of Resilience because they: 
  • Recover quickly from a set-back or a adversity;
  • Do not let failure define them, continuing on a path to success;
  • Come back stronger than ever when knocked down;
  • React optimistically when faced with a sudden change or an unexpected outcome; or
  • Change a negative turn of events into a positive source of healing for their patients.
The employee whose name you submit to OHA will receive an award. There is no selection process beyond the process you choose to use within your organization. Each OHA member hospital is asked to choose one person from their organization to receive the award.

This is NOT a nomination. The person you submit WILL receive the award at the OHA Convention on Nov. 2. A professional-quality photograph of the individual in his/her work environment is required at the time of submission or can be emailed later. OHA must receive the completed form and photograph by Friday, Sept. 15.  

The 2017 Spirit Awards will be presented on Thursday, Nov. 2, during the afternoon general session of the OHA Annual Convention. Award recipients should plan to arrive no later than 2:00 p.m. at the Cox Convention Center Ballroom C, Oklahoma City. OHA will contact each recipient with more details, but please ask your recipient to save this date. Each winner will receive $100 and a certificate during the ceremony.

A professional photograph will be taken of each winner as they receive the award and will be made available to the individual’s hospital and community newspaper.

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