2019 Spirit of Legacy Award

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The Oklahoma Hospital Association Spirit Award is given annually to exceptional individuals in the hospital community whose exemplary leadership and dedication have significantly enhanced patient care, their organizations and/or their communities. Each year, a different theme is emphasized. For 2019, the theme is the Spirit of Legacy.

Most successful organizations have at least one or two special team members who they would say are the “heart and soul” of the organization. Such individuals live the values and the mission of the organization each and every day through their attitude, commitment and personal values. They exemplify the organization’s story and history, inspiring their colleagues and encouraging newer employees to do the same.

As the Oklahoma Hospital Association celebrates 100 years of caring, we invite you to select that person you believe is contributing to the lasting legacy of the hospital, one who strengthens your overall culture and brings a sense of pride to your team.

Each OHA member hospital should select one recipient from their organization to receive the 2019 Spirit of Legacy Award.

Spirit of Legacy Award Criteria

Please choose one person from your organization to receive the award. This person should be someone who has exemplified the Spirit of Legacy because they:
  • Have made a lasting impact on the positive story of your hospital;
  • Live the values and mission of the hospital every day;
  • Exemplify the values of caring and healing in the community, outside the hospital walls;
  • Inspire and encourage new team members to live the mission; or
  • Help to build a lasting sense of culture and pride in the organization.
This is NOT a nomination. The employee whose name you submit WILL receive the award at the OHA Convention on Nov. 14. There is no selection process beyond the process you choose to use within your organization.

A professional-quality, high resolution photograph of the individual in his/her work environment is required at the time of submission or can be emailed later. OHA must receive the completed form and photograph by Friday, Sept. 6.

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