OHCA proposed rule comments due soon

Posted On: 1/8/2014

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is proposing changes in some Medicaid rules, including two of special interest to hospitals.

One set of rules (APA WF 13-11) concerns the 340B Drug Discount program, as applied to hospitals and other providers. OHCA has communicated their 340B program policies through provider letters in the past, and is now required by CMS to put these policies into the agency’s rules. The proposal states that no changes or financial impact will result from the rule.

OHCA also proposes (APA WF 13-40) a rule change allowing hospitals to submit outpatient claims for ancillary services for patients the hospital considered an inpatient, but which did not meet OHCA’s inpatient definition, which requires the patient to remain over at least one midnight. This will allow hospitals to be paid for ancillary services when an inpatient leaves before midnight, for example, leaving against medical advice.

The proposed rules are available on OHCA’s Proposed Policy Changes page.

OHCA’s Proposed Policy Changes page also offers Feedback Forms for each proposal. Feedback is due by Jan. 15. OHCA will also receive feedback at a public hearing on Jan. 27, and through the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) on Jan. 30. OHA participates in the MAC and will offer feedback on these rules. Hospitals with comments or concerns on these rule proposals should contact Rick Snyder at OHA, rsnyder@okoha.com

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