WorkHealthy Hospitals

Mission Statement

To support Oklahoma hospitals in fostering a worksite culture of health improvement, improved productivity and physical and mental well-being by making the healthy choice the easy choice for all employees.  

Culture of Wellness: This component empowers leaders to establish an organizational culture free from secondhand smoke, where eating healthy foods and providing support to be active at work are the norm. Through incorporation of benefits, communications, incentives and programs with a culture that prioritizes employee health, employers see significant and lasting impact of their wellness initiatives.  

Healthy Food Environment: This component is based on the premise that you cannot make a healthy food choice if there isn’t one. it focuses on creating a norm of delicious, affordable, and healthy foods and beverages throughout the workplace so employees find it easier to eat healthy. 

Physically Active Workplace: This component helps leaders create workplaces that promote physical activity through policies, benefits, environments, and incentives. 

Tobacco-Free Places and People: This component guides organizations to establish 100% tobacco-free property policies along with supportive benefits and resources for employees and their families to successfully quit tobacco.