Birthing hospitals note that AOP form provides important benefits to child

Posted On: 07/17/2013

When a baby is born to unwed parents, the hospital or midwife gives parents an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. A completed and signed AOP form establishes legal paternity or fatherhood for the baby of unwed parents. The AOP is used by the Oklahoma State Department of Health to create the child’s birth certificate. Establishing paternity provides a number of benefits to the child:
  • Gives the child access to certain legal rights including health care, Native American tribal membership and life insurance benefits.
  • Gives the child access to valuable medical history and other genealogical information.
  • Gives a child the chance to form emotional ties with the biological father (and his family), contributing to the child’s sense of identity.
  • Creates meaning for Father’s Day.
Signing an AOP has all of the benefits of establishing paternity but does not open a child support case. Legal parents and custodial persons can open child support cases when needed; opening a child support case is not limited only to the mother. A legal father may qualify to use leave under the Family Medical Leave Act to help take care of the child. Without an establishment of paternity, an alleged father has no legal right to the child nor the child to the alleged father.

As a hospital administrator, your dedication in ensuring the completion of Acknowledgements of Paternity places you among our first and best partners in promoting healthy families. (Provided by Oklahoma Child Support Services)

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