Every Week Counts Initiative

Because early elective inductions and early scheduled cesarean births in women who have not completed 39 weeks of pregnancy are known to contribute to problems for newborns, including premature birth and low birth weight, in early 2011, Oklahoma birthing hospitals joined together in a collaborative effort to work to eliminate early medically unnecessary deliveries. The collaborative is appropriately called "Every Week Counts." Babies born earlier than 39 weeks have more difficulty in areas of breathing, temperature control and managing bilirubin. Because of this, they are admitted to a higher level of nursery care more often than babies born at 39 or 40 weeks. The "Every Week Counts" collaborative urges expectant mothers and their physicians to work together to complete at least 39 weeks of pregnancy for improved health outcomes for their babies.

The work of the collaborative included hospitals forming teams to implement policies and processes to eliminate the scheduling of early electives. These teams came together to discuss successes and barriers and also met on multiple conference calls. The success of the project can be highly attributed to the continuous data collection, analysis and reporting so that hospital teams could closely monitor their progress.

This effort was funded by the March of Dimes and the Oklahoma State Department of Health. It was coordinated by the Office of Perinatal Quality Improvement and the Oklahoma Hospital Association.

OHA Partners with Healthcare Staffing Services 

Healthcare Staffing Services was developed as a collaborative effort among multiple state hospital associations to meet the temporary staffing needs of member hospitals and health systems.

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