Cyber security coverage for health care organizations available

Posted on: 6/4/14

Health care delivery is changing rapidly as health care organizations strive to maximize efficiency while operating in today’s technology-driven climate. With more efficiency and reliance on data also comes more risk, which leaves your organization vulnerable to cyber security threats.

Is your hospital prepared to face significant out-of-pocket and reputation costs in the event of a cyber security event?
What data do you have, where do you have it and how are you protecting it?
What information are your employees allowed to have on their mobile devices?
How is remote access monitored, including vendors?
Do you have a documented chain of command for handling sensitive paper documents?
What is your hospital’s policy on USB drives?

The reality is:
  • Health care organizations account for 25 percent of approximately 30 million records exposed nationwide across all industry segments.
  • The cost of a health care data breach averages $214 per record.
  • Almost half of all health care breaches result from lost or stolen laptops or other mobile devices.
  • Human error causes the majority of personal health information data breaches today.
  • Half of all organizations that suffer data breaches have fewer than 1,000 employees.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote on cyber security, please contact the OHA Insurance Agency at (855) 427-9537. (Shelby Faust)

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