CareLearning provides helping hand to clinical rotation programs

Posted on: 6/3/15

Clinical rotation programs provide a valuable opportunity for both the student and health care organization. Students gain experiences that are crucial in forming a more competent workforce by integrating the lessons learned in the classroom to real scenarios. For health care organizations, it serves as a source for recruitment, a service to the community, and reinforcement of staff skills.

While necessary and vital, these programs come with challenges. One of the challenges is getting the students oriented quickly and efficiently early in the semester. Using creativity in managing these challenges can enhance the success of programs by lowering the resource costs for health care organizations as well as consolidating the requirements of the students.  

One solution came in 2009, as all Rhode Island colleges and hospitals came together to form a Common Orientation Program for nursing students in their state. This collaboration decided to require that students go through one consolidated online training program approved by hosting hospitals as orientation. The students take these courses as part of their required curriculum at their respective schools and present transcripts as they report to the hospital.  

CareLearning was selected as the online training vendor and provides most of the compliance and regulatory courses. In addition, many of the health care organizations created additional content in order to provide information specific to their site. CareLearning continues to be the solution for Rhode Island and has also replicated this program throughout the state of South Carolina.

The outcomes have shown that, compared to previous methods, the program has furthered student knowledge and skill. Students and health care organizations now save more time during the general orientation process, allowing them to concentrate more on applying their knowledge. Since the online content is always consistent, up to date, and convenient, the health care organization can be confident that the orientation requirements have been met and communication has improved.

If you would like more information, contact Laura Register, executive director of careLearning at or (304) 353-9722. You may also contact Mary Winters at or (405) 427-9537. (Mary Winters)

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