celebrates 15 years of helping hospitals

Posted on: 3/4/15

CareLearning is an online education company designed to help health care organizations meet their growing educational needs. The company began as a modest start up 15 years ago when online training was becoming popular due to the effectiveness, costs savings, and convenience. It was formed and is operated as a non-profit entity by the Oklahoma Hospital Association, along with 40 other state hospital associations.  

“The initial idea was to find an existing vendor we could partner with to offer a solution to members. After an extensive, year-long search and eliminating 28 companies, it was clear that we needed to form our own company,” says Jim Kranz, vice chairman and one of the original founders of careLearning. “State hospital associations are always protective of their membership, and we wanted to offer a long-term product at a reasonable price, and one that would be designed around the needs of our members.”

Fifteen years later, careLearning has gone on to serve hundreds of hospitals and other health care facilities nationally. It offers interactive online health care courses with automated tracking of completion. Through web-based and user-friendly tools, customers can also create unlimited courses using their own content as well as access shared content among health care entities all over the country. Many customers also simplify their orientation processes and track live in-services and other educational events.

After a few years the product line grew to include a Performance and Competency Management System called careSkills. “CareSkills was a natural addition because it can help identify what education needs to occur to ensure proper employee development,” says Peggy Engelkemier, director of workforce development solutions at careLearning. “I worked in the education department of a hospital before coming to careLearning. We spent so much time and energy with our paper skills assessments and performance appraisals and it never seemed like the work yielded worthwhile results. Using technology to analyze this data is the key to understanding what is needed to empower employees to do their jobs even better and improve outcomes in serving their communities.”

With healthy growth each year, valuable products and services are continually added and often without any additional costs to clients.  “I attribute the success of this company to being laser-focused on customer needs. Not only do we have an extremely responsive and helpful staff, but we have continued to log each and every client suggestion and systematically implement them. We consider our software not only to be for health care educators, but actually designed by them,” said Laura Register, executive director.

If you would like more information regarding careLearning, please contact Mary Winters at OHA, (405) 427-9537,, or Laura Register at (304) 353-9722, (Mary Winters)

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