Duncan Regional Hospital earns WorkHealthy Hospitals Gold Medal Award for physical activity

Posted on: 7/13/16

Accepting the award for Duncan Regional Hospital is Maisey Covington, care coordinator, Duncan Health Partners, presented by Sydney Tomlinson, OHA WHH coordinator.
Duncan Regional Hospital is recognized by the OHA’s WorkHealthy Hospitals initiative for achieving the highest standard of excellence in worksite physical activity by providing and promoting access to physical activity opportunities for employees during work hours. The OHA assists hospitals in achieving worksite health improvement through this initiative in partnership with WorkHealthy America SM, a program of Prevention Partners in North Carolina.   

This is Duncan Regional Hospital’s second WorkHealthy Hospitals Gold status recognition. They were previously awarded a Gold Star for Tobacco Freedom for achieving the highest tobacco-free standard by providing high-quality, evidence-based tobacco cessation support for employees. Duncan Regional is only the third hospital in Oklahoma to achieve Gold status in two of three component areas eligible. The other area is Nutrition/Food Environment.

In order to receive this recognition, Duncan Regional Hospital developed and implemented a comprehensive policy supporting paid physical activity time for employees. Employees may flex their schedule to participate in physical activity, access exercise facilities at or near the worksite, and receive education and communication about the importance of physical activity and motivation to engage in physical activity. In addition, they receive benefits and incentives to encourage activity, such as gym discounts. These benefits are based upon several national evidence-based recommendations for a physically active and healthy workplace.

Duncan Regional President and CEO Jay Johnson stated, “We are very honored by this award and the hard work our team has put into accomplishing this goal. But most importantly, we are excited about the opportunity that these efforts give us in helping support our team members who want to start or maintain a healthier lifestyle.”   

OHA and Prevention Partners’ goal is to provide hospitals with the knowledge and resources to implement sustainable changes that create a healthier employee population and extend that knowledge and health improvement to their communities. By doing this, they can help improve the poor health of all Oklahomans. WorkHealthy Hospitals has worked with about 40 hospitals statewide over the past three years.

A growing body of research shows that by improving employee health, hospitals, and all workplaces, benefit by improving employee productivity, lower health insurance and worker comp claims and costs, and experience higher staff morale. They also set the standard for their communities, thereby contributing to improving the overall health status of Oklahoma, which currently ranks near the bottom, compared to other states.

“OHA is proud to work with Duncan Regional Hospital in helping them achieve this Gold Medal goal,” said Joy Leuthard, OHA health improvement initiatives manager. “The commitment of leadership and all staff has set a standard for Oklahoma hospitals to improve their own health and set that example for their community. We look forward to seeing health improvement continue in other areas as well.”

For information on how your hospital employees can become healthier, contact Sydney Tomlinson, WorkHealthy Hospitals coordinator at (405) 427-9537, stomlinson@okoha.com.  

WorkHealthy Hospitals is funded by a grant from the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET). 

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