OHA adds Ideal Protein as a Preferred Partner

Posted on: 10/5/16

Ideal Protein (IP) is a health and wellness solutions company that has developed an all-natural medical-grade weight loss method that helps patients achieve weight loss goals and, more importantly, maintain the results after concluding the program.

The Ideal Protein Method offers a high touch clinical approach that is tailored to the individual dieter’s weight loss objectives, while providing regular personal coaching and monitoring throughout the method and during maintenance. Not only is the health care professional monitoring the weight loss, but equally important, the health condition of the patient. As the patient loses weight and general health improves, health care professionals often adjust (lower) the doses of other obesity-related medications, such as diuretics, cholesterol lowering and blood sugar-regulating drugs. Close supervision by a health care professional ensures that patients are able to lose and maintain weight loss as well as improve their overall health and quality of life in a safe setting. The high touch approach including consistent check-ins also ensures that the patient remains accountable and is held responsible for proper adherence to the protocol.

IP provides a turnkey solution to implementing the protocol, through IT integration, training, and complementary ongoing support.  

Other hospitals are reporting:
  • Improved PQRI reporting via lowering patient BMI
  • Overall internal health care costs lowered
  • Employee productivity/morale increased
  • Absenteeism lowered
  • Patient’s health improvement and cost reduction
  • Increased employee utilization
  • Improvement in HCAHPS
  • Practice able to fulfill their Population Health and Triple AIM objectives
  • On average, three to four additional office visits are generated for prescriber to re-modulate medications
  • New cash stream to the facility (even smaller hospitals typically report more than $250,000 in first year)

If you would like further information please contact Jay Sykes, national development coordinator, (225) 603-3345, jsykes@idealprotein.com. (Mary Winters)

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