More changes ahead for SoonerCare signature rule

Posted on: 8/9/17

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), Oklahoma’s Medicaid agency, will further amend their new rule on signatures on medical records.  

Provider Letter 2017-26, posted on July 31 and reported in last week’s OHA Hotline, described and interpreted the change. The new version of the rule requires that authentication of a medical record (signature and date entry) must occur within three days of the underlying service, including any transcription time.

OHA reported hospitals’ concerns about the new rule to OHCA, and provided examples of circumstances making a strict three-day limit unworkable for some signatures in hospital records.  OHCA has acknowledged the concerns, and on Aug. 8 posted a global message to all providers:

Provider Letter 2017-26 informs providers about changes being made to signature requirements, effective September 1, 2017. OHCA will be going through the emergency rule process to further clarify this rule.

OHCA tells OHA they would like to have provider input on further changes to the rule. Watch Hotline for further information. (Rick Snyder)

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