Duncan Regional Hospital earns WorkHealthy Hospitals Gold Apple and Excellence Awards

Posted on: 1/4/17

 Receiving Excellence recognition at Duncan Regional Hospital are (left to right), Jay Johnson, CEO, Jan Patton, Maisey Covington, Kim Keeler and Tahia Gonzalez.
Hospitals (WHH), an OHA initiative, has awarded Duncan Regional Hospital (DRH) with only the third “Excellence” recognition in Oklahoma for reaching the highest standards in health and prevention for their employees, as well as receiving a “Gold Apple” award for nutrition and food environment. DRH is the largest hospital to receive the Excellence award.

“At Duncan Regional Hospital, we actively work to grow and encourage a positive culture of health and wellness, from the food we offer to the activities we promote. DRH strives to set an example of health for our community because we know that by improving the health of our team members we can have a positive effect on the health of our entire community,” said Jay Johnson, CEO, Duncan Regional Hospital.

DRH achieved this recognition by earning the Gold standard in four areas of Prevention Partner’s WorkHealthy America. Over three years, the staff worked to meet and verify the highest level of evidence-based wellness requirements and standards within: nutrition/food environment, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and an overall improved “culture” of health and wellness. The “Excellence Recognition” honors DRH’s commitment to improving employee health as demonstrated by its policies, benefits and programs that support employee health, optimizing employee productivity, and integrating wellness into daily operations. DRH is one of only 31 organizations nationally that have reached such standards for WorkHealthy America.

“DRH has demonstrated that a healthy work environment can be achieved by any organization motivated to do so,” states Joy L. Leuthard, OHA health improvement initiatives manager. “As a hospital serving rural areas in Oklahoma, they have successfully improved their culture of health/wellness by making and keeping it a priority. This success is built upon their innovative ability to interface WHH sustainable infrastructure changes with their own employee wellness initiative/activities, enhancing both efforts together. Their positive environment, committed leadership and high staff morale is obvious the minute you enter their building. OHA is honored to partner with them.”

In partnership with Prevention Partners in North Carolina, OHA has assisted DRH in reaching national recognition as well. “DRH sets a high bar in establishing a workplace where employees can make healthy choices,” says Meg Molloy, Prevention Partners president/CEO. “I applaud this great effort and the commitment of their leadership in creating a culture of wellness.”

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) acknowledges the WorkHealthy America Excellence standard as one of highest achievements in building a healthy workforce. Janet Collins, director of the CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity, recognizes that the Work Healthy America initiative is “science-based” and “successful in taking prevention from the hypothetical to the very practical.”

WHH is funded, in part, through an Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) grant.

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