OHA launches improved WorkHealthy Hospitals resources

Posted on: 3/29/17

OHA is proud to announce the launch of the Association’s newly redesigned WorkHealthy Hospitals initiative. OHA is now offering a user-friendly and more comprehensive workplace wellness online assessment tool, with accompanying resources, to all member hospitals.  

In partnership with the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) and WHH funder, the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), WHH has revised these resources to respond to the requests and needs of OHA members. Along with regular wellness “dimensions” of Wellness Culture, Nutrition/Food Environment, Physical Activity and Tobacco Cessation, the initiative has added Emotional/Mental Wellbeing and Financial Wellness. Already existing questions have been broken out into other categories as well – Health Risk Assessment & Outreach, Incentives/Communication, and Evaluation – to provide your hospital with more distinct areas in which to improve. Assessment outcomes in each of the nine dimensions result in four levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. When the Platinum level is reached in all areas, hospitals are recognized as “Excellent.”

These tools assist in assessing the current wellness status of your hospital based on these various factors. Once the assessment is completed, the tools generate achievement levels including transparent scoring, customized recommendations (known as improvement opportunities), and easy to use, customized improvement plans and resources to help your hospital identify and prioritize areas upon which to focus efforts. In addition, experienced and knowledgeable WHH staff are available to provide guidance and consultation – a significant resource to guide your staff through the process.  

By applying strategies that enhance the infrastructure of your hospital, you will be able to implement sustainable support for your employees’ health improvement. This is achieved by improving wellness policies, altering the environment and visibly supporting health improvement as a priority. Fostering an ongoing culture of wellness will sustain health improvement and wellness activities. Programs can be implemented within this supportive environment, increasing employee engagement and participation.   

OHA wishes to thank the six hospitals that participated in the beta test of the new assessment resources. These hospitals, with experience in using the previous assessment, have provided WHH with invaluable feedback to make this tool the best. Upon recently concluding the beta testing phase, the feedback has been very positive! Overall, the results show the involved hospitals like the new online portal, the new design and appearance of the assessment tool, the ability to easily navigate through it, as well as the assessment’s comprehensiveness, length and reliability.  

And more good news . . . the new, affordable license fee is only $250 annually!
In these economically challenging times hospitals are facing, WHH has made access to health improvement affordable again. This new flat fee is substantially less than prior years and is subsidized by TSET for your benefit. In addition to this cost savings, you will be improving your employees’ health, thereby reducing health care costs and improving employee productivity.

In summary, OHA member hospitals receive the same individualized consultation with expanded services for employee health improvement as they have before, at a fraction of the cost!  Each participant receives:
  • Individualized guidance by trained, experienced staff for as long as you need it.
  • Access to online assessments, customized recommendations and work plans.
  • Access to sample policies, research, best practices and training.
  • Consultation and support for your leaders and wellness committees in order to prioritize and implement system improvements.
  • Access to participating in an annual day-long Summit with other Oklahoma hospitals to promote sharing and learning together.
  • Recognition of healthy culture achievements through press releases, a framed certificate, OHA Hotline articles, recognition at the OHA Annual Convention & Trade Show, and a special award for reaching the WorkHealthy Excellence distinction. 
The new WorkHealthy Hospitals portal and services launched Monday, March 27. It’s easy to get started.  To learn more, contact Sydney Tomlinson, WorkHealthy Hospitals coordinator, (405) 427-9537, or stomlinson@okoha.com, or visit www.okoha.com/workhealthy.

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