Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 12-18

Posted on: 3/15/17

National Patient Safety Awareness Week, an initiative of the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), is this week. The NPSF United for Patient Safety campaign began in 2016 to extend the message of Patient Safety Awareness Week and to instill the idea that “every day is patient safety day.”

Patient Safety Awareness Week activities are detailed on the campaign website. Patients, families, and health care consumers who visit the site can pledge to be active members of their health care teams, share ideas or concerns about patient safety, and post their personal stories about how patient safety has impacted themselves or a loved one. Health care professionals, solutions providers, and industry partners are urged to take a pledge for patient safety, share their organization’s plans for the week and engage in an ongoing discussion forum for idea-sharing and problem-solving in support of patient safety.

Visitors to the website can also download educational materials for health care professionals and the general public, and can participate in an awareness campaign by posting photos of themselves in hospital gowns to social media channels to illustrate that “we are all patients.”

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