Novitas Medicare signature requirements – EDI forms

Posted on: 5/24/17

At the request of Novitas Solutions, OHA is passing along this information about signature requirements.

REMINDER – EDI Form Signature Requirements – Authorized Official’s Signatures on EDI Enrollment Forms

As of Sept. 1, 2016, Novitas Solutions EDI now requires that the Authorized Official or Delegated Official, as listed on the CMS-855, sign the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enrollment form, Novitasphere Portal enrollment form, and other EDI provider forms.

Any EDI provider forms submitted that are not signed by an authorized or delegated official are being rejected, and a corrected form must be submitted. This is the number one reason forms are being rejected.

If you are unsure who your authorized or delegated official(s) on file are, this information can be verified in the Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS). This information can be located in the “Managing Control” section. More information about PECOS can be found on the CMS PECOS Info site.

NOTE: No action is needed for existing customers who are not making a change.

For questions regarding EDI or Novitasphere enrollment, please contact an EDI Analyst at the numbers listed below. 

1-877-235-8073, Option 3 (JL)
1-855-252-8782, Option 3 (JH)
1-855-880-8424 (Novitasphere)

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