OHA announces addition of HSS Inc. to the OHA Preferred Partner Network

Posted on: 10/4/17

OHA announces that HSS Inc. is now an OHA Preferred Partner Network (PPN) company. This new partnership will provide workplace violence prevention training to OHA members.

Once considered the safest of places, hospitals and health care facilities have experienced a significant increase in aggressive acts from patients, visitors and sometimes personnel. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care staff are among the most likely private-sector workers to be attacked on the job. The underlying reasons for the increasing incidence of patient aggression are complex: a decrease regionally in behavioral health beds, an increase in chemical and substance abuse, and increasing socioeconomic stress and pressures.

Training your team to effectively recognize and mitigate patient aggression is paramount. Hospital staff, if well trained, can protect themselves and their patients from the harm that can result from violence in a health care setting. This is why OHA has proudly added HSS to its regional services contract portfolio to fulfill requests from members to offer a marketplace alternative for aggression and violence management training. OHA is offering access to and significant discounts on the HSS award-winning TEAM® (Techniques for Effective Aggression Management) program through this agreement.

“TEAM® is a unique program,” said Seth Karnes, HSS senior manager, health care training programs. “Our program is focused exclusively on situations health care workers are likely to encounter. It’s cost-effective, time-efficient and adaptable.”

TEAM® offers two core programs:

TEAM® Essentials: Provides a recognizing and managing aggression module that teaches your staff to recognize and safely manage the factors and hazards that can contribute to aggression and violence within health care settings. Available in engaging online or in-person formats, this program emphasizes the use of verbal de-escalation techniques by building relationships and employing effective communication strategies.

TEAM® Advanced: This module is primarily designed for staff in higher-risk departments who have completed the Essentials course. The strategies and techniques taught in TEAM® Advanced will help participants protect patients and themselves in case of a physical attack

Both TEAM® programs can be delivered by HSS directly to member hospital staff, or through a Certified Trainer Course (train the trainer), allowing select staff to instruct the TEAM® material to their peers.

The OHA PPN program provides cutting edge and cost-effective solutions for member hospitals. PPN companies are expected to meet high quality standards and offer products or services that help health care facilities avoid costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity, develop staff resources and apply new strategies.

For additional information, contact Karnes at skarnes@hss-us.com.

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