OHA urges passage of cigarette tax in special session

Posted on: 9/20/17

OHA and a coalition of health care groups that includes nursing homes, mental health facilities and people with disabilities are calling on lawmakers to prevent any further cuts to the state’s Medicaid programs, including mental health, by seriously addressing the critical budget hole of more than $200 million. The coalition of providers and patient advocates is urging the Legislature to pass a $1.50 cigarette tax increase during the special session, which begins Monday, Sept. 25. Since 2010, Medicaid and Medicare have cut payment rates to Oklahoma hospitals by more than $489 million annually.  

Gov. Mary Fallin made the special session official Friday, issuing an executive order that calls lawmakers back to the Capitol Sept. 25. Fallin’s order lists five items for lawmakers to address:
  • The budget shortfall created by the loss of the $215 million cigarette fee revenue;
  • An option to address a long-term solution to the state’s continuing budget shortfalls;
  • The need for more consolidation and other efficiencies in all areas of state government;
  • Clarifying through legislative amendment the intended exemptions to the new 1.25 percent sales tax on vehicles; and
  • Addressing a pay increase for classroom public school teachers.
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