SoonerCare to stop mailing member ID cards

Posted on: 9/13/17

Effective Nov. 1, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) will no longer be mailing plastic SoonerCare member ID cards. The agency said this is part of their continuing efforts to be fiscally responsible and reduce paper usage.  

However, if a physical member ID card is needed, members have the ability to print cards from their Member Portal.

Providers also have the option to print ID cards from the SoonerCare Provider Portal. To print a member ID card from the Portal, select the Eligibility Tab; check the member’s eligibility and then select “Display Member ID Card.”  If the member does not currently have eligibility, the button will not be displayed.

If hospitals have any questions, please call the OHCA Provider Helpline at (800) 522-0114. (Rick Snyder)

OHA Partners with Qualivis 

Qualivis was developed as a collaborative effort among multiple state hospital associations to meet the temporary staffing needs of member hospitals and health systems.

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