Burroughs to focus on Consumer Driven Health Care at OHA Convention

Posted on: 8/8/18

By popular demand, Jonathan Burroughs, MD, will return to the 2018 OHA Convention. Dr. Burroughs will present “Consumer Driven Health Care” at the 8 a.m. general session, Thursday, Dec. 6.

Understanding what consumer driven health care really means and how consumers will direct and manage their own health care going forward is a top question for health care executives across the country. In this session, you will learn what executives and physicians must do to prepare for and support consumer driven health care and why service will be the great differentiator. Dr. Burroughs will share the key elements that make up world class service in health care and in every other industry.

Also, several OHA Awards will be presented during this session.

Plan now to attend the 99th OHA Convention, “The Power of Passion and Perseverance,” Dec. 5-7, in Oklahoma City. (Mary Winters)

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