OHA job recruitment platform offers cost-effective recruiting

Posted on: 2/14/18

To further assist member hospitals with staffing shortages and increasing recruitment costs, OHA and HospitalCareers.com offer a cost-effective recruitment solution that helps combat workforce shortages, reduces third-party agencies, replaces ineffective forms of advertising and provides a direct link to quality health care professionals. By utilizing HospitalCareers.com, hospitals can make the most of limited budgets while saving valuable time attracting candidates directly into their applicant tracking systems.

Key benefits of HospitalCareers.com:

  • Exposure through the OHA’s site, OKHospitalJobs.com, and national network HospitalCareers.com, with more than 175,000 registered users and 200,000 page views each month, Google for Jobs, ZipRecruiter, etc.
  • Hospitals and health system participants receive individually branded profile pages.
  • Health care applicants are able to apply directly into a hospital’s application tracking system.
  • Marketed to career centers at state universities and colleges that produce health care graduates.
  • Tracks all jobs, views, profile views and apply clicks for each posting.
  • The annual cost of participation is comparable to ONE weekend advertisement in a local newspaper for an unlimited amount of job postings.

HospitalCareers.com is utilized as the health care industry’s career destination site, helping thousands of health care professionals find jobs and career paths. With over 25,000 job postings from more than 1,800 health care facilities nationwide, this resource serves to guide professionals and hospitals to find the perfect match.

For additional details, please review the linked overview, which contains details and pricing for participation. To participate or learn more, please contact Brian Bauer at brian@hospitalcareers.com or (866) 870-4885, ext. 801.

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