SQ 788, so-called medical marijuana – Vote no on June 26!

Posted on: 6/6/18

If SQ 788 passes a vote of the people on the June 26 primary ballot, the result could be harm to our patients. Learn the facts and educate all hospital staff, patients and others in your community about why the health care community and many others are opposing SQ 788.

“This state question is NOT about Medical Marijuana,” said SQ 788 is NOT Medical Campaign Chairman Dr. Kevin Taubman. “This is not a debate about whether or not marijuana has medicinal benefits. In fact, members of our coalition are not unanimous in opposition to all marijuana laws – but we all believe SQ 788 is NOT medical.”

To view a fact sheet and other resources for the SQ 788 is NOT Medical campaign, click here. To view a list of Oklahoma leaders and organizations opposing SQ 788, click here. (Lynne White)

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