OHA and health care provider coalition kill outsourcing Medicaid bill

Posted on: 3/1/18

SB 1331 died in the Senate Appropriations Committee (19 Yes – 23 No) on Wednesday after OHA members urgently contacted senators expressing their “opposition.” Late in the day, Sen. Kim David offered an amendment to attempt to appease OHA in the concerns expressed to senators about the future of SHOPP related to its potential use for managed care. OHA told Sen. David that we could not agree to the amendment without more analysis and consultation with the OHA board.

At this writing, there are several other bills that could “outsource Medicaid.” To view an OHA Action Alert sent yesterday that includes these bills, click here.

The bill that died, SB 1331, David/Mulready, states it is the intent of the Legislature that the Office of Management and Enterprise Services initiate a request for proposal to transform the state’s Medicaid program from a traditional fee-for-service system into a system that provides budget predictability for the taxpayers of this state while ensuring quality care to those in need. It establishes goals for the program. (Lynne White)

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