Legislature may see turnover in coming elections

Posted on: 5/9/18

Only 19 of the 125 legislative seats up for election this year are uncontested, while 37 incumbents will face challengers from within their own party in the June 26 primary, State Election Board filings show. Only 24 of the 48-member Senate seats are up for election. The Primary Run-off is Aug. 28 and the General is Nov. 6.

Candidates for the House include 210 Republicans, 152 Democrats, 11 Independents and nine Libertarians. In the Senate, there are 46 Republicans, 30 Democrats and four Independents. No Libertarians filed for a Senate seat.

Fifteen House seats are uncontested – five Republicans and 10 Democrats.

All other incumbents have at least one challenger, with 44 Republican incumbents and 10 Democrat incumbents. Nine Democrat incumbents have at least one Republican challenger and four will have to win their party primary in June.

Six Republican incumbents will only face off against an opponent from their own party in the June primary and possibly an August primary runoff. Another 19 will have to win the June primary before facing the general election in November.

This historic number of candidates for legislative seats means there will be a record number of new legislators in the House next year even if every incumbent wins their seat. There are 32 open seats up for election this year and only four will be decided by the primary or primary runoff.

There could be a freshman class of at least 32 representatives. Only 12 representatives were term-limited this year. Eight current legislators are running for a different state or local office.  Another 11 current representatives did not file for reelection. 

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