Collective Medical and the OHA PPN partner to help Oklahoma hospitals

Posted on: 10/31/18

Like many states across the country, Oklahoma is battling the detrimental effects of the opioid epidemic and unsustainable and avoidable emergency department (ED) use.

Several other states are using Collective Medical as the technical backbone for their statewide initiatives and all have seen transformative outcomes. OHA is partnering with Collective to support member hospitals and bring those same results to Oklahoma. Collective Medical is the nation’s largest and most proven network for care collaboration. With the network, OHA members are able to collaborate across diverse care teams using Collective’s real-time, risk-adjusted event notification and care collaboration platform.

The partnership will further support statewide efforts to manage the opioid crisis. The Collective Network is live in 18 states and is proven to support care teams impacting the opioid epidemic by sending physicians real-time notifications about their patient’s prescription histories. The data is pulled from state PDMPs and enables physicians to make informed care decisions for better patient outcomes.

Washington was the first state to use the Collective Platform for its statewide “ER is for Emergencies” initiative. One year after the implementation of Washington’s initiative, the Brookings Institution evaluated the impact and found on a statewide level there was a:
  • 10 percent drop in total Medicaid ED visits year-over-year.
  • 27 percent reduction in opioid related deaths (2012-2018).
  • 24 percent reduction in ED visits with opiate RX.
  • $34 million savings.
The Collective network impacts individual hospitals as well. Legacy Salmon Creek in Vancouver, Wash., saw the following results within 24 months:
  • A 24.9 percent reduction in all-cause 30-day readmission rates.
  • An 81 percent reduction in the ED visit rate by high utilizers.
  • A reduction in ED visits by high ED utilizers from 3,081 per year to 573.
OHA’s partnership will ultimately back efforts to manage complex patients that heavily contribute to high ED utilization and reduce avoidable hospital readmissions.

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