Pre-paid medical transport employee benefit program joins OHA PPN

Posted on: 3/8/19

MASA Medical Transport Solutions, a new OHA Preferred Partner Network company, offers great coverage at an affordable price for employees of Oklahoma hospitals. Although MASA Medical Transport Solutions (MASA MTS) may be a new name to many OHA members, the global company has been a leader in the pre-paid medical transportation industry since 1974.  MASA MTS supports employers and individuals with comprehensive memberships that cover out-of-pocket costs for emergency air and emergency ground medical transportation, regardless of the company providing the emergency medical transport.

“Many employers and contractors across the country are doing their best to offer competitive benefit packages to help them recruit and retain the best people,” said Andrew Zink, regional sales director for MASA MTS. “Our membership plans complement existing benefits by coming through where insurance falls short. MASA MTS covers out-of-pocket expenses from an emergency transport, either by ground or air, no matter which company provides the service.”

Zink points out that the coverage provided by MASA MTS contributes to the economic sustainability of local economies by keeping dollars in the local economy instead of leaving the region to pay the substantial emergency medical transport bills, which can be as high as $45,000-$65,000.  

“Our mission is to protect our members from devastating medical bills as well as keeping local emergency transport providers profitable so they can focus on serving our community when they are needed,” said Zink.  “A medical transport company that doesn’t have to manage and mitigate unpaid services is more efficient. It just makes sense, and provides huge peace of mind.”

Employers and contractors across the country are adding MASA MTS coverage to their personal protection portfolios and to their employee benefits packages.  

MASA MTS is pleased to partner with Oklahoma Hospital Association to provide access to these membership programs. For questions, more information, or to enroll, contact Zink at (314) 540-5729 or For a brief description of the Emergent Plus membership, click here and for more coverage details, click here.

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