State Question 788 - Marijuana

Oklahomans will vote on State Question 788, a medical marijuana initiative, on June 26.  OHA has joined with health care, law enforcement, business and religious groups to oppose SQ 788 because this state question is poorly written policy and as such, is not simply medical marijuana.

SQ 788 creates problems for hospitals’ employment policies as well as for the safety of patients. Setting aside the medical concerns with SQ 788, as employers, hospitals have serious concerns. All current drug testing policies at hospitals and their clinics will have to be re-written if SQ 788 passes. Under SQ 788, employers cannot test for marijuana usage in an employment screening and must have cause to test an employee suspected of using marijuana. Some employment attorneys believe SQ 788 would create a protected class of employees who hold the medical marijuana license for the two-year duration permitted under the license. Stated another way, if a person is a medical marijuana license holder, their usage of marijuana would only be restricted while on the job, not right before they start their shift at the hospital or clinic, thus putting at risk patient safety.


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