APCs In-Depth: Understanding Comp. APCs

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3/5/2019 12:30-2:00 PM

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Starting in 2008 CMS started increased bundling for APCs. Then Composite APCs were developed and the evolution continued on to comprehensive APCs or C-APCs. C-APCs represent significant bundling using the "J1" and "J2" status indicators. For 2016 and 2017, CMS has moved rapidly to increase the number of C-APCs and this trend is likely to continue. The basic philosophy is that APCs in general represent a prospective payment system in which there should be significant bundling similar to that found in DRGs. Historically, the precursor to APCs was APGs (Ambulatory Patient Groups) in which there was significant bundling through significant procedure consolidation. With the rapid deployment of many C-APCs, hospitals have a very difficult time assessing the financial impact that C-APCs engender. The speaker reviews and clarifies the various bundling techniques, discusses status indicators for APC grouping processes, C-APCs and additional steps to mitigate the impact of C-APCs.


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