Use Team Diversity Productively

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5/21/2019 9:30-10:30 AM

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Leading a project, department or other team is your job. Guiding them to focus on common goals can be difficult. Everyone has their own way of analyzing information, solving problems, making decisions, communicating and approaching the collective work of the team. Team members are also from different generations, cultures, beliefs and values with different levels of experience. What is "productive, unfiltered conflict" and why is it so difficult for teams? How can you, as the leader, engage others in respectful, productive conflict behaviors even when there is anger, hurt, or fear around the table? Join us to learn why it takes time, energy and commitment to appreciate the differences that each member of a high functioning team contributes. You will discover strategies to manage your own responses to typical workplace and team conflict and learn to reframe those response behaviors in order to actively engage your team to accomplish common goals.


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