2023 Health Care Leaders Forum

Shangri-La Resort
Grand Lake
June 25-27, 2023

Plan now to join your colleagues at the OHA Health Care Leaders Forum at beautiful Shangri-La Resort on Grand Lake, June 25-27. This event targets leaders and their teams. It is a great opportunity to spend time together and hear from experts in different areas of leadership.

Our first presenter, Patrick Houlahan, will focus on “Simplifying Leadership: Keys to Leading a Successful Team” (especially in a crisis). In this session, he will talk about how leadership happens at all levels of an organization, or at least it should. He believes leadership can make or break an organization, especially in the increasingly competitive employment market we find ourselves in today.

The second session will feature Lisa Walden. Her presentation, “The Future is Human: Creating People-First Work Cultures” is based on her new book coming out soon. She has been studying people at work for over a decade, partnering with organizations across the world to uncover the secret sauce behind truly great organizations.

The Forum also includes golf for those who want to play, dinner with your friends and colleagues and free time.

Registration materials should be in your email inbox today. You can also visit the education calendar on the OHA website for details and to register.