2021 Health Care Leaders Forum

June 28, 2021
Shangri-la Resort, Afton, OK

"Leadership Redefined: A Critical Shift for the Modern Workforce"

- Hannah Ubl, Communication and Culture Expert and Co-Founder, Good Company Consulting, Minneapolis

The tides have changed, and so have perceptions about what constitutes a good job, a good organization and good leadership methodology. With hospitals under pressure to perform while managing the stress of employee burnout, talent shortages and financial constraints, understanding how to lead and manage an engaged workforce is more important than ever. This presentation tackles critical leadership mindset shifts that create a work environment where everyone, regardless of title or experience, feels engaged, motivated and happy. After all, happy employees = happy patients = happy bottom line.

Learning objectives:

• Describe best practices from organizations with proven awesome workplaces and how their strategies can be adapted for Iowa hospitals.
• Explore a fresh perspective on work culture that challenges the way things “should be done.”
• Forecast how generational shifts will impact the future of work.
• Identify mindset-shifting insights on leading the current workforce and how to stay competitive.

“What Drug Dealers Taught Me About Trust”

- Pamela Barnum 

Pamela has a unique background having worked deep undercover for years in the drug world, making hundreds of drug buys from street level to multiple six-figure buys. Couple that with her career as a federal prosecutor, and you have an intriguing and educated badass.

Imagine learning about deception detection and body language techniques from a former undercover police officer and federal prosecutor. When Pamela left the police, she accepted a position as a federal prosecuting attorney, spending countless hours in the courtroom, perfecting her techniques in body language and deception detection. 

Following a successful 20-year career in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate school. Now, she shares her expertise with others, teaching them how to improve their communication skills to increase trust. Pamela is a trust strategist and body language expert, contributing to print media, radio, and television news programs. 
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