2020 OHA Virtual Trade Show

The Oklahoma Hospital Association Annual Convention and Trade Show is the most important educational event for hospital and health care professionals in Oklahoma. Join us as we begin our second century of service!
Virtual Trade Show Information

The 2020 OHA Virtual Trade Show will be a more exclusive group of vendors than the normal live show. The show will feature around 25 booths showcasing the products and services of local and national companies that provide goods and services to OHA member organizations. You can enter the Trade Show from the virtual event lobby area.

The live virtual show will be open:

Wednesday, Nov. 11          8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 12              8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Attendees will still have the opportunity to win prizes! Cash prize drawings will be held each day for the Trade Show attendees who visit at least 10 booths that day. Winners will be notified after the live event.

Why You Should Attend the Trade Show
• Opportunity to see many of the latest innovations in health care.
• Every booth devoted solely to health care.
• Opportunity to win cash and other nice prizes just by being on the virtual trade show floor.
• Opportunity to chat live with representatives of the exhibiting companies.
• Take away information and materials from booths you visit.

Prospective Vendors

Trade Show booths are still available for the Oklahoma Hospital Association’s largest educational event of the year! For more information about booth prices and locations, contact Mary Winters or Shelly Bush, (405) 427-9537, winters@okoha.com or bush@okoha.com.

• The convention draws attendees from health care organizations across Oklahoma.
Following registration, you will have access to exhibitor booth building training sessions 3 times a week. There is a live Q&A in all of these sessions to help answer all your questions. You will also receive tips for building a virtual booth.
• The virtual event will give you increased exposure because the event is on-demand for 30 days.
• Booths can be easily customized to match each exhibitor’s brand and can host a video, images, collateral, and more to engage attendees at their booth.
• Exhibitors will be provided with analytics for their booth from OHA, including information of who “stopped by” their booth.
• Exhibitors can interact with attendees within their virtual booth by group text chat or 1-on-1video or audio calls or with 1-to-1 text chat.
• You can save money on travel, lodging, promotional items, and other costly expenses typically associated with trade shows.
• There can be multiple booth “staff” in each booth to allow you engagement with more attendees visiting your booth.
• There are no more than 9 booths within each “hall” which allows for more exposure for your booth.

For the 2020 Virtual Prospectus, click here.