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careSkills - The Best Competency Management Solution for Healthcare Organizations Competencies are nothing new for health care organizations. Most health care employees either have been assessed or have assessed for competence.

Why use a Competency Management System?

To maximize the use of your competency data for your current and future needs.
  • careSkills makes it easy to develop and perform competency assessments, analyze skill gaps and drive workforce development improvements. 
  • Populated with competencies required for successful performance by clinical and non-clinical employees within a health care organization 
  • Skills are easy to customize and proficiency levels for each unique role within your organization are determined by you  
  • Automated assessments make it easy to collect, report and track employee competence and eliminates misplaced documents and paper trails  
  • Multiple interactive charts and graphs display up-to-the-minute data and are available at the touch of a button  

Move your organization beyond traditional regulatory competencies and achieve workforce development initiatives…

Employee Retention

Identify employees at risk for failure or burnout due to skill proficiency levels that are too high or too low. 
Allow employees to create an individual development plan (IDP) based on the skills required to achieve success in their current role.  

Employee Selection

Find employees whose skills best match the requirements you create for success as a new employee or involvement in a project or committee. 

Strategic Learning

Align learning resources with identified skill gaps on the individual, department, or organization level. 
Invest in learning resources that meet the highest priority learning needs, rather than relying on assumptions or guesswork.  

Strategic Workforce Planning

Gain an understanding of the real skills needed for success in your organization. 
Inventory the skills, knowledge and abilities present right now and plan for those needed in the future.  

Performance Management

Ensure organizational goals are met by clarifying performance expectations for all employees. 

Career Development

Allow employees to create a career development plan based on the skills required to climb your organization’s clinical ladder or for potential promotional job opportunities. 

Succession Planning

Find potential replacements for key roles at risk due to retirement, outsourcing, downsizing or disasters. 

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