WorkHealthy Hospitals

Past Education Topics

WorkHealthy Hospitals (WHH) license holders have the opportunity to attend an annual WHH Summit. This summit is designed to provide educational information for all hospitals, regardless of the level of progress and achievement reached. In addition to the annual WHH Summit, license holders will be invited to quarterly webinars covering a variety of wellbeing topics prioritized by need and interest.

WorkHealthy Summit topics previously covered:

Strategic planning

  • Making wellness a priority
  • Aligning your wellness program with your business strategy
  • Embedding a sustainable culture of wellness into hospital infrastructure
  • Gathering, evaluating, and effectively using data for improvement
  • The pros and cons of using incentives
  • The impact of financial pressures on employee wellness initiatives

Big picture

  • Current employee health improvement strategies in Oklahoma hospitals
  • Understanding the value of wellness: ROI vs VOI
  • Rethinking the nature of organizations
  • Recognizing individual employee health improvement
  • The evolution of wellbeing: the move toward purpose

Community resources

  • Community outreach: how and why
  • Accessing external resources

Webinar Series topics previously covered:

Tailored for Success: Personalizing Wellness Across Departments
Supporting Your Workforce Through COVID-19

Creating a Meaningful and Effective Strategy to Drive Your Wellbeing Initiative
Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
Resilience Strategies to Prevent Burnout
Wellbeing Trends: A Year In Review

Building the Foundation of Your Employee Wellness Initiative
The Thriving Employee: Fostering a Culture of Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Throughout Your Workforce
Health and Wellness in a Built Environment
How Giving Back Can Propel Your Organization Forward

Evaluating Your Workplace Wellbeing Efforts
Best Practices in Incentive Design: Considering Human Behavior
Incorporating Financial Wellbeing into Your Wellness Program