Being Prepared for Communicable Disease Outbreaks

OHA has had ongoing discussions with OSDH officials regarding ways the OHA can assist the health department in its communication with health care providers preparing for possible cases of their own.  Members are asked to review the following check-list as a part of their own internal staff discussions: 
  • Ensure your essential clinical staffs are on the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s list to receive outbreak-related information as part of the Oklahoma Health Alert Network (OK-HAN). Typically, these messages are sent to the following professionals: 
Infectious Disease 
Emergency Departments 
Primary Care Physicians 
Intensive Care 
  • Ensure your emergency and infection prevention staff have consulted with representatives from OSDH’s Acute Disease Service regarding Ebola case criteria during evaluation of patients. 
  • Ensure your hospital is receiving HAN alerts from the OSDH. 
  • The OK-HAN Coordinator can also be reached at 405-271-4060.