Perinatal Outcomes Improvement

Hospitals play an important role in the positive start to a newborn life. Even though a new mother and baby are only in a hospital for a short time after an uncomplicated birth, there is much that a hospital can do to encourage a positive outcome for the first year of life and beyond.

Oklahoma birthing hospitals have participated in the development of a statewide perinatal collaborative designed to improve the health outcomes for Oklahoma women and infants using evidence-based practice guidelines and quality improvement processes. The Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative (OPQIC) has led multiple initiatives to assist hospitals in this improvement. These include decreasing unnecessary early elective deliveries, improving maternal mortality and morbidity, improving the timing and accuracy of newborn screenings, opioid use disorder in pregnancy, neonatal abstinence syndrome, neonatal infection prevention, Spotlight Awards and others. To learn about these efforts, click here.

Hospitals also participate in several of the initiatives developed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Maternal and Child Health Service to improve infant outcomes, such as Safe Sleep, Period of Purple Crying (Abusive Head Trauma), Tobacco Cessation, Baby Friendly (breastfeeding) and others. The initiative is called, “Preparing for a Lifetime: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility,” to learn more, click here.