Falls Prevention Awareness Week is next week

Posted on: 9/19/18

Sept. 22-28 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week. Patient falls, an unplanned descent to the floor with or without injury to the patient, affect more than a million patients each year and rank among the most frequently reported incidents in hospitals and other health care facilities (AHRQ, 2018). Among adults aged 65 or older, outside of the health care setting, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death, the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and the leading cause of hospital admissions for trauma (CDC, 2015). Fall risk and the associated injury and cost are challenges within health care facilities and in the community. A patient fall can increase the length of stay, result in poorer health outcomes, increase health care utilization, and increase costs.

During Falls Prevention Awareness Week, Sept. 22-28, join the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence and the National Council of Aging (NCOA) to help spread awareness and promote strategies for falls prevention through a variety of education and resources, as well as participate in social media discussions.

To learn more about this week and access resources, click here. To get information on NCOA’s Fall Prevention Awareness Day webinar, Facebook Live event, and their twitter chat, click here. To view HRET HIIN’s 2018 Falls Change Package and additional resources, click here. (Patrice Greenawalt)

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