Check your voter registration

Posted on: 8/30/19

Oklahomans who are already registered to vote should verify their information and update it as necessary. Go to the Oklahoma State Election Board and follow instructions under “Update Voter Registration.”  It is important to verify your voter information as the State Election Board has recently purged more than 180,000 voters from the rolls. Be sure you are currently registered! 

If you have been purged and need to register to vote, go to the “Online Voter Registration” tab under “Voter Info” on the State Election Board’s home page and follow instructions. 

Verifying voter registration and/or registering to vote is crucial as the OHA works with the “Oklahomans Decide Healthcare” (SQ 802) campaign to obtain more than 200,000 signatures of registered voters by the end of October. Please urge family and friends to do the same as soon as possible! (Lynne White)