Qualivis offers rapid staffing during disasters

Posted on: 6/14/19

Qualivis, an OHA Preferred Partner Network company, offers Rapid Response Staffing during disasters. When a public health crisis or natural disaster strikes, increased demand may overwhelm your facilities’ staff. While every hospital has an emergency plan, we highly encourage OHA member hospitals to update their plans to include contacting Qualivis for supplemental staffing needs during emergencies. When rapid response staffing is essential to meet health care demands, facilities can count on Qualivis.
If a facility needs rapid response staffing, it’s simple. They can let their state association rep or Qualivis account specialist know (contact info below), and they’ll take it from there to ensure needs are met as quickly as possible.
Qualivis helps facilities when disaster strikes through:
  • Easy access to a nationwide network of health care staffing agencies to simplify and speed the search process, so they can focus on providing patient care.
  • Finding fully credentialed staff who can be onsite within seven days (or sooner during a state of emergency) of a confirmed assignment offer for rapid-response staff.
  • Spending less time managing contracts, fielding sales calls and playing phone tag so you can focus on patient care.
For more information on Rapid Response Staffing or any of your staffing needs, contact Sherry Kolb, executive director/workforce development, Qualivis, skolb@qualivis.com or (803) 609-3515. You can also contact Mary Winters, winters@okoha.com, or (405) 427-9537. (Mary Winters)