Commemorative 3D art piece presented at anniversary celebration

Posted on: 5/24/19

Left to right are Doug Weaver, Jay Johnson and Patti Davis.
A stunning three-dimensional commemorative art piece was unveiled this week to attendees of the 100th Anniversary celebration by Doug Weaver, chairman of the OHA 100th Anniversary Planning Committee, CEO, Hillcrest Hospital Pryor, and Patti Davis, OHA president. The collage features a brass medallion, state flag, Native American peace symbols, and memorabilia of OHA’s activities and influence from every decade of the past 100 years.

The art was conceived and constructed by artist Lawrence M. Romorini, founder of One of a Kind Art Studio, and measures 39.5” x 33.5” x 5”. It will be permanently displayed in the board room at the OHA headquarters building in Oklahoma City. A brochure listing brief descriptions of all the items featured in the piece is also available at the OHA office.

This retrospective piece is dedicated to the numerous individuals who have contributed to the success of Oklahoma Hospitals through their tireless work since 1919.

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