299,731 signatures verified for SQ 802

Posted on: 11/22/19

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, OHA was notified that the Oklahoma secretary of state had finished counting and validating the signatures turned in by the SQ 802 Medicaid expansion ballot initiative campaign. The secretary of state verified 299,731 signatures, which is well above the minimum threshold of 178,000 required for a constitutional amendment to be on the ballot. The SQ 802 coalition, including OHA, turned in more than 313,000 signatures on Oct. 24.

Additionally, OHA received notification that the Oklahoma attorney general has re-written the ballot title. This was anticipated by the SQ 802 campaign. The next step is for the secretary of state to issue public notice in newspapers of the opportunity for any resident to challenge the ballot on the basis of either the validity of the signatures or the contents of the ballot title written by the attorney general. Once publication of notice begins, which will happen soon, a challenge on either basis must be filed within 10 days. If a challenge is filed, the Oklahoma Supreme Court will establish a schedule for the filing of legal briefs.

A possible legal challenge was anticipated by the campaign. Once any legal challenge is completed, Gov. Stitt will then determine a date in 2020 that SQ 802 will appear on the ballot. As we learn more information, we will keep you apprised. (Sandra Harrison)