SQ 802, Medicaid Expansion, closer to a statewide vote

Posted on: 1/10/20

SQ 802, the Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative, has passed the mandated protest period. The state question is on its way to Gov. Kevin Stitt to set the election date. The governor may set the election on the June primary ballot, the August runoff ballot, the November general election ballot, or call a special statewide election.

Thanks again to OHA members for your active involvement in making the petition drive such a success. Your efforts led to the highest number of signatures (313, 677) turned in for any Oklahoma ballot measure. Now it’s time to “gear up” to build support to pass Medicaid Expansion. You will be hearing from OHA staff about important next steps.

For more from the Yes on 802 campaign regarding the hurdle passed last week, click here.