Peds resources needed as RSV cases rise – workforce solutions partner can help

Posted on 11/18/22

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections among children are overwhelming hospitals nationwide, with some hospitals operating out of command centers. A significant increase in the volume of pediatric needs is creating a very strained market in a specialty that has a very limited talent pool. Qualivis, an OHA Preferred Partner, offers several proactive solutions to help clients serve their patients. 

Qualivis, as a workforce partner, is monitoring the census and emergency visit influx related to respiratory infections in our nation’s pediatric population. The demand for pediatric specialty nurses has risen 45% in the past 30 days, creating a strained market of roughly one available candidate for each open job. Because pediatric clinicians are highly specialized in a very limited talent pool, health care systems must act quickly. As a partner, they offer national and regional data on staffing needs and provide their clients with strategic information to plan for shortages. 

With Qualivis as your workforce partner, you will receive personalized support from your program manager to proactively plan for extended coverage and ensure you have jobs posted to address the surge. Qualivis also provides insight into market capacity. Your program manager will collaborate with you to review talent pool availability by specialty to align fulfillment expectations accordingly. Most importantly, Qualivis uses data to guide rate decisions. They work closely with clients to understand the pay packages being offered and can provide comprehensive market intelligence data on how different pay packages are working in the marketplace without just “guessing” on what rates should be.

Through a combination of market intelligence to guide rate decisions and operational and term adjustments to facilitate rapid onboarding, Qualivis is here as your workforce partner to support you during these challenges. If you would like more information about Qualivis, contact Shelly Bush at [email protected]

Hospitals that work with OHA Preferred Partners benefit from cost and time savings, while being assured of continuous quality monitoring. Consider taking advantage of this valuable member service.