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OHA Staff Directory

President & CEO
Rich Rasmussen

Executive Assistant
Marie Hailey

Vice President/Quality & Clinical Initiatives
Patrice Greenawalt

Quality & Clinical Initiatives Assistant
Laura Maguire

Vice President/Health Policy & Finance
Mitzi McCullock

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Pam Wells

Health Policy & Finance Assistant
Mia Johnston

Vice President/Education & Support Services
Mary Winters

Director of Business Development & Support Services
Shelly Bush

Vice President/Regulatory & Legal Affairs
Sandra B. Harrison, JD, MPA

Director of Government Relations
Scott Tohlen

Director of State Legislative Advocacy
Don Armes

Education/Government Relations Assistant
Amanda Bowen

Director of Communications
Susie Wallace

Communications Assistant
Sara Scovill

OHA Insurance Agency

Vice President
Shelby Faust

Health Improvement Initiatives

Manager/Health Improvement Initiatives
Eric Finley

Health Improvement Specialist, WorkHealthy Hospitals
Greg Marshment

Health Improvement Specialist, Hospitals Helping Patients Quit
Kelly Willingham

Rural Health Improvement Specialist
Haley Warren

OHA Clinical Initiatives

Clinical Improvement Advisor
Carlene Brown