Keep up the work on SQ 802 signatures

Posted on: 10/11/19

Hospitals have made a huge impact on the signature gathering efforts for the initiative to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot, SQ 802. You may have heard reports today that the campaign has now received the required 178,000 signatures that must be turned in by Oct. 28. Keep in mind that some signatures will be invalidated, especially if there is a challenge, and we must show the kind of support we know Medicaid expansion has with Oklahomans, so the campaign really needs to meet a goal of at least 200,000 signatures by Oct. 21. Please continue your signature gathering efforts and turn any completed petitions in as soon as possible. For information on where to turn in petitions, please contact OHA at (405) 427-9537, Shelly Bush,, or Lynne White,