Valuable resources available through OHA Preferred Partner Network

Posted on: 2/10/23

Did you know you already have a way to save money and time as part of your OHA membership? The OHA Preferred Partner Network is a group of vendors who have been researched and evaluated for their product or service. These companies are ready and willing to meet with you and offer a product demo or cost comparison to show how they can save you money. When you work with a Preferred Partner, you benefit from the cost and time savings, combined buying power, and a high level of customer service. You also are getting more value from your OHA membership because working with a preferred partner means revenue comes back to OHA to support our member programs that support you.

Services provided by our Preferred Partners include employee benefits, e-learning, HR solutions, financial services, staffing solutions, and more. For a complete list of Preferred Partner Network companies, click here or download a list here. To set up a meeting with a Preferred Partner or for more information, please contact Shelly Bush at [email protected] or call (405) 427-9537. (Shelly Bush)