OHA Data Solutions

Introducing a new initiative to improve the quality and timeliness of inpatient and outpatient encounter data available to hospitals in Oklahoma. OHA Data Solutions will use the proven tools of the Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI), an affiliate of the Missouri Hospital Association. HIDI has more than 30 years of experience collecting data and providing reports and analytics for state hospital associations and their members.

Valuable, robust data reports to help hospital leaders make informed market decisions and plan strategically. Users will see patient trends based on primary service areas, providers, and service lines, including market penetration, physician utilization and loyalty, and the potential for new service lines. 

Timely and accurate market analysis. OHA Data Solutions data will be updated each quarter, two months after the end of the quarter. Data now provided by the state is only released annually, a full year after the end of a calendar year. OHA Data Solutions includes HIPAA-compliant information not currently released by the state.

Quality measure reporting provides quarterly clinical performance trends compared to selected peer groups.

Participation makes it easy to comply with state reporting requirements through user-friendly, secure web-based data submission. OHA accepts the same file format required by the state – no new programming is needed.

OHA Data Solutions program agreement (12/2/19)

OHA Data Solutions/HIDI webinar recording (12/10/19)

OHA/HIDI webinar slides (12/10/19)

OSDH letter on 2020 discharge and ED data submission requirements (8/26/19)

For more information, contact:

Mitzi McCullock, Vice President Health Policy & Finance
Oklahoma Hospital Association
(405) 427-9537