Preferred Partner Network

Saving you time and money through quality partnerships

Download a current list of preferred vendors.

OHA Preferred Partner Network is a preferred vendor network for Oklahoma Hospital Association member hospitals. Participants in the OHA Preferred Partner Network benefit from cost and time savings, while being assured of continuous quality monitoring.

If your company is interested in becoming an OHA preferred vendor, contact Shelly Bush

Saving you money

Members taking advantage of the OHA Preferred Partner Network enjoy the combined buying power of more than 134 hospitals statewide. This volume often means negotiated discounts on purchases of products and services.

Saving you time

Through the Network, members minimize the time-consuming process of comparing companies and services as well as the contract negotiation. Members also save valuable time by taking advantage of research and due diligence performed on their behalf.

Delivering quality

The OHA Preferred Partner Network conducts ongoing performance reviews to continually monitor the quality and value of services and products to members.

Building powerful partnerships

Through OHA Preferred Partner Network, members benefit from increased buying power and leverage with vendors, as well as a higher level of customer service and attention to their unique needs.

Diverse companies and services

The services provided by those companies already included in the OHA Preferred Partner Network are:
  • employee benefits
  • e-learning for employees
  • competency management
  • HR solutions
  • insurance solutions
  • information management
  • operational support
  • physician relationships
  • physical plant services
  • quality initiatives
  • staffing support

For more information, contact Shelly Bush, (405) 427-9537.